Assist With Us

Apply to Assist with Trainings at CYA

Are you interested in being an assistant with one of our foundational or advanced level Yoga Teacher Trainings?  If you’re ready to work hard, be in a leadership role and go deep with us, then leave us your contact information to get the full details.  We only take 2 to 4 assistants per program from a large pool of candidates and therefore request serious inquiries only, please. BEFORE APPLYING PLEASE READ OVER ALL DETAILS, EXPECTATIONS AND INFORMATION FIRST.

Assisting with the Caribe Yoga Academy programs is an in-depth yoga internship.  This position is ideal for students who are currently teaching or pursuing teaching full time and have a desire to see the back-end of running an event of this length and intensity.  If you are interested in someday offering yoga retreats, wellness immersion events, workshops or yoga teacher trainings, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn and engage in a yoga experience…from a whole new angle!  Working as a yoga teacher training assistant is not a vacation, it is a job where you get to both hold space and ALSO go deep with the students as they journey into yoga. We are learning together alongside each of the students.

This position is only available to those who have graduated from a minimum of one program with the Caribe Yoga Academy.  There is preference given to those that have a more in-depth relationship or study track with the Caribe Yoga Academy. If you are applying to assist a program that you have not yet received credit for, you will be responsible to pay for your food.  You will receive the same certificate that the students receive upon successful attendance at all events.

If you feel ready to begin the application process, please keep scrolling and read all of the information below thoroughly.


Expectations & duties will include:

  • Set up and break down of yoga equipment (including projectors, screens, whiteboards, anatomy models as well as all mats, straps, blocks, blankets, bolsters, etc.)
  • 30 mins early arrival to all events, late departure from all events
  • Time management and support for faculty
  • Heading a mentor group
  • Preparation of program materials as needed
  • Assistance in student feedback forums and assessment corrections
  • Communication with catering service, CYA faculty and OM facilities owners via personal contact, text, email as needed
  • Keep morale and energy high when students are tired
  • Social Media updates (posts and stories) for Caribe Yoga Academy as well as the gathering of content for future use
  • General errands and “gopher-ing”
  • Set up and support for sacred ceremony and events
  • Cleaning and safe space maintenance
  • Student check-ins and co-listening work
  • Taking attendance at all events
  • Filling in pairing or group work with student assignments as needed
  • Management of group and partner assignments
  • Discipline and student management as needed
  • Punctuality, enthusiasm, and participation
  • Hands-on assisting during live Sadhana
  • Posture demonstration and break-down (acting as a model as needed)
  • Potential for guiding a Sadhana, Meditation, event or practice teaching segment (must be presented and approved prior to arrival)
  • Being a leader and setting the example for living your yoga


You will learn:

  • How to be a strong and confident space holder
  • Co-listening and active listening as practices
  • Schedule management for large events
  • Marketing tips for yoga teachers and events
  • Teaching yoga for advanced level yogis
  • Enhance your teaching skills
  • Unlock your true potential
  • Deepen your business understanding and marketing skills
  • To inspire, mentor and create safe space
  • To hone your unique teacher’s voice
  • To share your passion with impact
  • To offer service and support


You will receive / gain / have access to:

  • 170 CECs with Yoga Alliance for your mentorship work with CYA
  • Accommodation for 25 nights
  • A comprehensive training…all over again!
  • All meals that the paying students receive
  • All CYA calendars and event descriptions
  • Attendance to all scheduled events, classes, ceremonies and excursions
  • Confidence and leadership skills
  • Staff insight and feedback meetings
  • A mentorship relationship with lead faculty and trainers
  • CYA manuals (if you don’t already have), teaching methodology, approach and insider event planning information
  • Marketing insight
  • The whole back-end experience and a glimpse of Avani’s life’s work 😉
  • Deeper knowledge of hands-on assisting, enhanced teaching skills, and sequencing knowledge
  • Additional hours of training and experience to bring more wisdom into your yoga teaching practice at home (option to pay for Yoga Alliance CECs)
  • Hours of teaching experience at the YTT level (can be registered with Yoga Alliance)


What’s not included:

  • Flight and other travel expenses to or from OM at Cashew Hill
  • Additional nights of food or accommodation
  • Tours or excursions outside of scheduled YTT events
  • Food expense if you have not already taken the program you are applying for.

Preference is given to:

  • Caribe Yoga Academy foundational and advanced program graduates
  • Those that are actively out in the field teaching
  • Those that have an on-going relationship with Avani and the Caribe Yoga Academy (you will work directly and closely with Avani, OM staff and other CYA graduates)
  • Those that we feel exemplify life on the Yogic Path and who are continuing to learn, are dedicated to their own health and well-being, and who truly live their yoga.
  • Those who lead a healthy, ethically guided lifestyle and are considered positive leaders for the incoming students of CYA.
  • Those involved in Seva projects and with a commitment to serve a variety of populations through their yoga work.
  • Those with specializations within the yoga field or with distinct lineages/techniques, medical field, educational field, anatomy, philosophy etc.