Packing List

What To Pack

Keep it light and simple. You’ll spend most of your time in yoga gear! But of course you’ll want to be prepared for the jungle and the beach as well. Here’s our recommended packing list. Keep in mind the weather here is hot and humid, and mold is not uncommon. Also, when it rains…it POURS! Items may take some time to dry so try to leave anything at home that is extremely precious. There is paid laundry service available at OM at Cashew Hill which includes wash and dry. Please plan to use natural products for bath and body as we strive to be as green as possible and have a low environmental impact.

  • Smaller daypack or bag for hikes, beach walks, etc.
  • Sarong or beach towel for your beach or pool time
  • Your own yoga mat (if you prefer it!)
  • Yoga mat sticky towel (to cover your mat if you choose to use the OM equipment)
  • Comfortable lightweight yoga clothing
  • Long loose pants or skirts for evenings (when the mosquitoes come out)
  • Ear Plugs if you’re a light sleeper (the jungle creatures can be loud!)
  • Immune System Support (Airborne, Electrolytes, Vitamin-C; something to support you through the travel & transition)
  • Thin sweater, jacket or sweatshirt if it gets chilly
  • Bathing suits
  • Rain jacket (you can purchase umbrellas in town that are quite cheap)
  • Lightweight hiking shoes or sneakers (that you don’t mind getting muddy)
  • Flip flops and/or sandals
  • Natural insect repellent
  • Natural Sunscreen
  • Any other toiletries you need (try to get natural and organic options if possible for minimal environmental impact)
  • Camera
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Re-usable non-plastic water bottle
  • Journal
  • Writing utensils and if you like also highlighters
  • A small and portable item for our group altar (may be a photo, stone, feather, jewelry, some item that has significant meaning to you)


Additional Budget & Spending Money For:

  • Housekeeping tips (collected at the end; $2/day per person recommended!)
  • Additional snacks or goodies you may wish to try out in town
  • Gifts, souvenirs or an adventure you may like to try out in your free time
  • Natural body products, fun yoga clothes, crystals, incense, cacao and goodies available in our on-site Yogi retail shop
  • Spa treatments/massages you might like to get at the on-site spa in your free time


For 200 Hour Programs Only:

  • Your graduation outfit: ALL WHITE CLOTHES requested for graduation
  • Markers, chalks or colored pencils
  • Magazines, photos, postcards or art images that you find inspiring
  • The required reading books in hard or digital copy

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