Pathway to Peak—Student Profile: Halli

The challenges I faced during this module felt like I too was attempting to leap the across the seas of my personal principles of ethical behavior (Yama). Connecting what I thought I knew, with what I was soon to understand. When I arrived on the other side of the strait, the flame was there waiting for me. The flame was there to help light the way to my vulnerability and devotion. 

“What are some of your Samskaras?” Avani prompted. How am I supposed to begin explaining what some of my unconscious mental imprints are? I sat with this question for many days before being able to come up with one samskara of mine, my constant need to battle that which does not serve me. Over the next week, the unveiling of many other samskaras, left me with no choice but to go deep and take responsibility for who I am and the choices I make as a human. Fully surrendering to the lessons of this course. 

At this point, the daily meditation has really held the space for me to absorb and process all the information. I loved experiencing all the different styles of meditation that each student brought. This opened up my creativity flow. I decided to do storytelling mixed with a humming pranayama followed by a visual journey. I was so nervous, day by day, waiting for my turn. Then, when I was sitting in front of the whole class, about to lead them all on this personal adventure, I felt a state of oneness and unity. Nothing but support from the whole Kula. I was extremely grateful to be sharing this space. 


Hanuman, devotee of Rama and the commander of the monkey army. Through his services to Rama he became known for his devotion, faith, love, strength and ability to surrender. His exploits have been narrated in the great Hindu Sanskrit Poem of Ramayana (Rama’s journey). Once he was reminded of his powers he was able to, in one leap, cross the strait between India and Lanka. His tail was set on fire upon arrival. He used this fire to set Lanka into flames. He is recognized in many parts of the world, each culture worshipping him for the different archetypes he embodies. 

The muscle exercise of the Uddiyana Bandha, or core muscles, helped me feel sturdy. By activating my core strength I felt my foundation growing. More sturdy, more fire, to continue with this incline in front of me. I thought I was signing up to learn how to teach yoga but instead I found myself climbing more into personal observance (Niyama). The strength of my resolve carrying me along the way. 

The clarity breathwork, to wrap it all up, was exactly what I needed to appreciate myself. It took a lot of focused concentration (Dharana) to surrender. My heart was opened in gratitude for the decisions that had lead me onto this path.